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Black Sheep Digital Photography started in 2011, when my tattoo artist (Rodney E Schoolcraft from Mr E. Ink in Canton Illinois) found out I was interested in photography, so he gave me a Nikon as a present.  I slowly learned how use it, and by watching tutorials, and reading everything – could get my hands on on the subject, I started to get better!  I have a very dark taste in what I like to shoot, which makes it funny when people come up and ask me to do normal things like baby shoots and weddings. So, one minute I will be posting pictures of demons and death, and the next I will be posting pictures of cute little babies all swaddled up.  It’s a nice mix, and it keeps me on my toes.  This particular shoot was done at the Illinois Asylum for the Incurably Insane.  It was closed down many years ago and was recently featured on Ghost Hunters – and proven to be a very active site.  Thankfully, the owner turned out to be a really nice guy and he let us do our photo shoot inside the building and did not try to stifle our creativeness.  He even provided the straight jacket and some of the restraints that were actually used in the facility in its prime!  The models that are in this shoot are Donald Bugsby and Alyssa Seward.  You can follow the work I do on my Facebook page:


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