Submission Guidelines

General Submissions:

We use a Submittable platform to handle all general submissions. Keep in mind, the wait can be anything from one day to two months depending on the influx of submissions, but we hope to see your work soon!

We want varying styles of genres in writing. We are willing to look at anything poetic, noir, crime, pulp. bizarro, horror, experimental, absurd, transgressive and literary. Take note we will not be interested in many lame overplayed themes and genres in the publishing world. This would be things like paranormal romance or mimicking fan-fiction of recent bestsellers. At least TRY to be original.

  • Simultaneous submissions okay.
  • No reprints please.

(Note: We are currently closed to fiction and poetry submissions in order to catch up on our current load. Be aware we have some cool announcements involving a poetry compilation and a flash fiction contest coming soon though!)

Anthology Submissions:

Nothing is available currently, check back soon!



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